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Kestrel Class

Class Overview

A warm welcome awaits you in Kestrel class.  We are a mixed age class of year 3 and 4 children.  The lead teacher is Mrs Hill, whilst Mrs Budd is also their teacher on each Monday.  


Our aim is to not only educate our children but to nurture them too.  We encourage them to become more independent learners which is in readiness for their move to middle school.  Their well-being is a high priority, and we know our children very well which enables us to understand their individual needs.


Age Group:

7-9 (Years 3 and 4)


Class Size:




Mrs Lisa Budd (Monday)

Mrs Lisa Hill (Tues-Fri)


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Lisa Budd (Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Qualified Teacher, Tues-Fri)

Mrs Lindsey Head (Monday)

Curriculum and Learning

All curriculum and learning information for parents is now shared via half termly updates using our ClassDojo pages. Please check there for information related to this half term's curriculum. Please contact the school office if you don't have a logon for ClassDojo. 

Look and Read - Spywatch - Episode 1- Sent Away

Look and Read - Spywatch - Episode 1- Sent Away(C)BBC Education

Inside Anne Frank House

Tour of the Secret Annex

Tour of the Secret Annex

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